A5 Series Armature Tester


  • Integrated LCD touch Screen, with keyboard backup.
  • Shock mounted hard drive, CD drive and floppy drive.
  • Auto ranging resistance tests—16 ranges capable of accurately measuring from 0.01000 to 500.00 ohms.
  • Built In modem for remote system diagnostics and software upgrades.
  • Automatic background calibration and diagnostics.
  • System archives service and preventative maintenance history.
  • Real time SPC, including X bar—Range charts and histograms for all measured parameters.
  • Super sensitive “Area Under the Curve” Surge Test requires absolutely no set-up (Patented).
  • Hi-Pot to 3000 VAC, 6 mA.
  • Graphic display of armature under test.
  • Ambient Temperature Compensation of Resistance.


  • Pneumatic contacts eliminate all other moving parts.
  • Contacts are protected during loading to prevent damage.
  • Fail Safe design automatically retracts pins when air or power is removed.
  • No moving wires to break
  • Up close full visibility of contacts for easy alignment.
  • Mean Time to replace contacts is less than three minutes.
  • Available in Manual or In-line versions.