CPMH-8000 Commutator Placing Machine


  • Centralized push button operator control panel.
  • Allen-Bradley Data Table Access Module for machine parameter data entry with 2-line, 16 character display including fault coded diagnostics and parts counter.
  • Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Programmable Controller.
  • Metric construction.
  • 12mm plug-in proximity switches.
  • Modular guarding with all electrical interlocks and extruded aluminum frame with polycarbonate inserts.
  • Rigid inline horizontal press assembly.
  • Hydraulics used for commutator press.
  • Modular construction to provide fast tooling changeover.
  • Flip open commutator supply chute for easy access and clean out.
  • Commutator is released to radial locating nest before placement into commutator holder/placing tooling.
  • Six (6) position commutator radial location turreted stop mechanism.
  • Machine stops automatically after two (2) attempts to load the same commutator onto the commutator holder and after consecutive attempts of three (3) different commutators (default setting).  Other settings can be programmed.


  • CPMH-8000H - Hydraulic cylinder to place commutator on the shaft.
  • CPMH-8000S - IC-2000 Industrial Control and Servo Driven Ball Screw System for placing the commutator on the shaft.
  • CPMH-8000V - IC-2000 Industrial Control, Servo Driven Ball Screw System for placing the commutator on the shaft, and Vision System for radially orienting the commutator in relation to the lamination stack.


  • Vibratory commutator feeder bowl.
  • Commutator holder/placing tooling (nosepiece).
  • Tang forming tooling (if possible).
  • Ram locator and ejector tooling.
  • Shaft stop (opposite commutator end).
  • Upper and lower lamination chucks with radial location.
  • One (1) vibratory feed bowl.


  • Two (2) part Loctite dispensing mechanism with part rotation.
  • One (1) part Loctite dispensing mechanism without part rotation.
  • Commutator end location kit.
  • Linear measurement station via linear encoder with one (1) master gage block.
  • Gage block for linear measurement station to accommodate one (1) additional commutator linear location.
  • Six (6) position opposite commutator end turreted stop.
  • Shuttle device to pre-orient the commutator for cycle times of 6 seconds or less.
  • Bin for pre-loading commutators into the bowl
  • Elevated horizontal hopper with conveyor for queuing and loading commutators into the bowl.
  • Floor mounted conveyor for queuing and loading commutators into the bowl.
  • Specialty vibratory feeder bowl coatings for wear and noise reduction.
  • One piece cast plastic vibratory feeder bowl.
  • Operator interactive 265mm (10.4in.) VGA color touchscreen providing a graphical user interface, displayed in a windows environment.
  • IC-2000 Industrial Computer open architecture control system.
  • ACCUVISION (patented) with slot location detection for precise location of the commutator slots, automatic change of the commutator’s radial location and a load shuttle to accommodate a machine cycle time of six (6) seconds.
  • Force press monitoring utilizing an inline load cell providing a force and linear position generated signature curve with high and low limit settings via interactive touch screen.
  • Calibration fixture for force press monitoring.


Electrical Requirements

  • Standard electrical requirements are: 208/240/380/415/480/575 volts.
  • 3 phase, 50/60 Hertz.
  • 4 to 8 KVA depending on model of machine.

Pneumatic Requirements

  • A ½ inch (12.7 mm), 100 PSI (6.8 atm) capacity air line should supply the machine. A pressure regulator will reduce the pressure to 80 PSI (5.4 atm) for machine operation.

Machine Dimensions

  • CPMH-8000V (approximate)
  • Width   1422 mm (56 inches)
  • Length 2286 mm (90 inches)
  • Height   1727 mm (68 inches)

Machine Weight

  • CPMH-8000V (approximate)
  • Weight   771 kg (1700 lbs.)


  • Lamination Diameter - min 13 mm   (0.500 inch), max 76 mm (  3.000 inches)
  • Stack Length - Min 19 mm   (0.750 inch), max 102 mm (  4.000 inches)
  • Shaft Length - min 38 mm   (1.500 inches), max 254 mm (10.000 inches)
  • Shaft Diameter - min 3 mm   (0.125 inch), max 22 mm (  0.875 inch)
  • Commutator Diameter - min 7 mm   (0.250 inch), max 57 mm (  2.250 inches)
  • Commutator Length - min 5 mm   (0.190 inch), max 51 mm (  2.000 inches)
  • Commutator End Shaft extension - min 6 mm   (0.250 inch), max 76 mm (  3.000 inches)
  • Stack to commutator - min 13 mm   (0.500 inch), max 25 mm (  1.000 inches)