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Complete Motor

Micafil Inc. designs and manufactures armature and stator production equipment for fractional horsepower universal motor manufacturers. The diversity of our product line ranges from producing low-volume, stand-alone machines designed for job shops to developing complete turnkey systems tailored to fully automated, high-volume production lines in the automotive, appliance and power tool industries. Micafil's superior armature and stator technology helps customers increase their motor manufacturing productivity by minimizing production costs, maintaining consistent product quality, simplifying system design and maximizing production efficiency. Micafil brings over 70 years of technological excellence and the highest-quality, custom-designed automatic armature and stator production equipment to worldwide motor manufacturing markets across North and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Micafil Inc., was formed in 1985 through the merger of the Motor Division of Possis and Mechaneer Inc. As of June 2000, Micafil Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Products Inc. The combination of these companies has enhanced Micafil's ability to offer a diversity of reliable manufacturing equipment.