Millennium Retrofit Program

Steps of a Millennium Retrofit

In the MR (Millennium Retrofit) Program experienced MDF-4000 and 5000 winders are Factory rebuilt at Globe’s Dayton, Ohio facility. The MR winder has a full Globe Products Inc. factory warranty. Customers can either send their winder in or draw from Globe’s stock of experienced winders. Existing tooling can be reused on the MR winders saving capital for other needed projects.

Start of MR Program Line

Process Overview

Each MR winder is stripped to the bare frame, inspected and repainted.

Machine Stripped

Bed and Electrical enclosure is stripped and repainted.

Ready To Assemble

Spindle heads are rebuilt and reinstalled in repainted castings.

All bearings, seals are replaced, all components are inspected and replaced if worn.

Spindel Heads Rebuilt

The machine is completely rewired with Globe’s IC-2000 control system.

Complete Panel Rewired

Machine Rewired

There are over 40 Globe MR winders in the field at present.

Ready for Delivery

Ready for Delivery

MR programs are available for other Globe machines as well. Contact Robert Lonsbury .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for details.

Finish of MR Program Line