TIMA-8000AWV/b Stator Terminal Inserting Machine – After Winding


  • Automatic load/unload from vertical bore belt conveyor with escapement.
  • Pneumatic walking beam with THK rods and bearings for stator transport in bore vertical position through machine.
  • In Station One, the stator is moved to a horizontal position and the first terminal is inserted.  The stator is then rotated and the second terminal is inserted.  This process is repeated in Station Two.


  • Centralized push button operator control panel.
  • Allen-Bradley Data Table Access Module for machine parameter data entry with two (2) line, 16 character display including fault coded diagnostics and parts counter.
  • Metric construction.
  • 12mm plug-in proximity switches.
  • Modular guarding with all electrical interlocks and extruded aluminum frame with polycarbonate inserts.
  • Capable of a six (6) second cycle time to insert four (4) terminals.
  • Manual adjustment for different radial positions to provide fast changeover.
  • Terminal presence confirmation and reject output signal.
  • Low material, malfunction and cycle interrupt lights.
  • No change over for different stack heights.


Terminal placing heads for displacement style terminals supplied by customer or as an option by Globe.


  • Tooling for lifting the stator from the walking beam or pallet.
  • Tooling plate to guide the stator during terminal placement.


Electrical Requirements
220/380/440/460/480 Volts, 3-phase,50/60 Hz, 5 KVA.

Pneumatic Requirements
A 0.5 in. (13 mm), 100 psi (6.8 atm) capacity air line should supply the machine.  A supplied pressure regulator will reduce pressure to 80 psi (5.4 atm) for machine operation.

Machine Dimensions (approximate)

  • WIDTH:  1.5 M (59 inches)
  • LENGTH:  1.5 M (59 inches)
  • HEIGHT:  2.3 M (91 inches)

Machine Weight (approximate)
1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds)

Operating Environment
40º Fahrenheit (4º Centigrade) to 104º Fahrenheit (40º Centigrade).


Outside Dimension

Min 38.00 mm ( 1.50 inches) square

Max 120.00 mm (  4.70 inches) square

Bore Diameter

Min 35.00 mm ( 1.38 inches)

Max 76.00 mm (  3.00 inches)

Stack Height

Min 17.00 mm ( 0.57 inch)

Max 65.00 mm (  2.56 inches)

Wire Size Range

Min 0.15 mm (34AWG)

Max 1.02 mm (18AWG)